Camille Altay received an MFA from Yale in 2018 and BFA from Concordia University in Montreal. Camille's work seeks to exorcise the desires and failures which haunt 21st century narratives of futurity and progress. 

Camille was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, amid a vibrant dance music culture, and continues to be influenced by experimental music and performative temporal mediums. She is member of the ambient music project Birds of Prey, with vinyl and digital releases on Kathexis Records and a forthcoming album on Mysteries of the Deep. Between undergraduate and graduate school, Camille traveled extensively as a scenic artist for Universal Studios, and has painted simulated environments for theme parks across the US and Asia. At the Yale Center for Collaborative Arts and Media in 2016, Camille taught workshops in forming copper nanoparticles to use as pigment in conductive paint. Camille’s work seeks to trouble the cartesian, and draws from material ontologies, queer theory and an expanded concept of medium. Camille received the Blair Dickinson Memorial Prize in 2018, presented to an artist “who demonstrates a developing consciousness, personal vision and spirit of search.” She lives and works in New Haven, Connecticut.